Book Review: Gone (A)

Title: Gone
Author: Michael Grant
Publication Date:
June 2008
*Pages: 576

Grade: A


Sam Temple is just a regular guy in Perdido Beach, California, when all of sudden, all that’s left in the world is them. Little kids, all under the age of 15. All the adults and teenagers…they just blinked out without a warning; they just vanished them moment they turned 15. When people start turning to Sam for an answer, he doesn’t know what to do. Sure, he helped save a school bus of students once and dove into a fire to save someone…but that doesn’t mean he can lead. He’d rather just surf with his good buddy Quinn, or just hang out with perfect Astrid and her disabled little brother, Peter. He doesn’t want to face the bullies who are starting to take over town, or the even more powerful ones coming down from Coates Academy, school for the troubled kids, led by Caine. There was nowhere to run anymore that wasn’t blocked off by the barrier surrounding them, and mysterious powers and mutations were sudden multiplying. Turmoil is hurricaning through the town, and Sam can’t help but step back into the game and fight back against the bullies. Even if it meant risking his life, and watching as it tumbles faster and faster towards his birthday. His 15th birthday.


Gone is a very different kind of novel from what I usually read. I usually stick to pure reality, so Gone was quite a change. It was a good change though. It was a very suspenseful read, and despite its lengthy pages, it was worth it in the end. New twists and turns kept popping up through the course of the book, and you’re never left bored and without another question awaiting an answer. The novel was thrilling and a real page turner once you got into it.

There were also many different conflicts going on at once; there was Sam of course, battling his inner dislike to be leader, Sam with the bullies, and then Sam and his relationship issues with Quinn and Astrid… There was also another plot going on with Lana and her dog Patrick, who are stranded far off from Perdido beach and from civilization in general. Lots of things were going on in this novel, and I loved how Grant wrote from not only Sam’s perspective, but from the bullies, like Caine and then Lana. In the end, it was really nice to see how it all tied together.

Grant left the ending perfect for a sequel, which I can’t wait for. This is an especially good book if you’re someone who enjoys science-fiction with a dash of fantasy. An added plus: this is a teen book, but I found it’s actually suitable for younger ages too, like 10 or 11 (there wasn’t any sex or swearing, although you should be wary that some seens are a bit more graphically violent, if that’s something you mind).


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