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Book Challenge: The Mind, Body & Soul Challenge

The idea behind this challenge is to use reading to inspire the mind, care for the body and nurture the soul over 31 days. Pretty much it’s just a fun way to stretch our reading muscles and a good excuse for me to give away some prizes!

DATES: The challenge will begin on 1st October 2008 and will continue till the 31st October 2008.
HOW TO ENTER: Simply leave a comment at the end of this post stating which categories you’re entering in and which options you are doing from those categories. Submit reviews for the books you read or listen to during this challenge and you’ll receive a bonus entry. Subscribe to my feed and advise me you’ve done so and I’ll give you a bonus entry. Blog about the challenge and advise me and I’ll give you a bonus entry. There are plenty of ways to increase your chances to win!
PRIZES: The winners will be chosen at random. There will be a winner selected from each category and an overall winner selected from readers who participate in all three categories.
Mind: A US$30 Amazon Gift Voucher
Body: Copy of The Time Traveller’s Wife Audio Book
Soul: Copy of Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom
Overall Winner: Choice between Season One or Season Two of The Tudors brand new on DVD!
1) Choose a real person whose life you find absolutely fascinating. Got one? Good. Now I want you to arm yourself with knowledge…go read a biography on your person! Once you’ve got the facts straight, follow it up with a fiction novel based on the same person.
2) Do you have a classic novel sitting on your bookshelf you’ve always wanted to read but have never gotten around to? Great! Time to pick it up this month and finally read it! When you’ve finished, read a follow-up novel to your classic written by a different author. This could be a sequel to Pride and Prejudice or a modern novel modeled on your classic.
1) Combine reading and workouts. How you say? NOT by reading on the treadmill. You WILL fall off and it WILL hurt. Trust me, I know. Opt for a safer option and listen to your favourite audio book while your exercising. Set a daily exercise goal and use reading to get you through it!
2) Learn more about your body. Read a nutrition/diet book or try a few recipes from a low-fat cookbook. Knowledge is power – what can you learn to help you reach your health goals?
1) Read something inspirational. Choose an autobiography of someone whom you really admire, a self-help book you’ve been wanting to read or a spiritual novel. Read something that you hope will light the fire in your belly.
2) Read your favourite love story. Reread an old favourite or read the book version of your favourite chick-flick. Why do you love it so much? What is it about the characters that speaks to you?
*This looks like a really cute challenge, and I’ll be starting promptly (hopefully) on October 1st. Here are my choices:
Mind: I opted for Option 1; I’m thinking about reading a Jane Austen novel, since I’ve been meaning to for a while now.
Body: I chose Option 2; I’m going to try to finish An Apple a Day, which I’ve been meaning to start for a while now.
Soul: Option 2; I have no idea yet what I’ll be reading for this option.
This is a really cool challenge, and great chance to win some cool prizes, so go over and try sign up!! Thanks Annie for this great challenge 😀

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